FMLink Newsletter — Energy Management — December 20, 2018

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This newsletter covers energy management news from November 15 through December 19, 2018.


Cost-effective cuts: How little O&M energy use adjustments can yield big savings (Magazines » FMJ)

“Help! My building’s ENERGY STAR® score just dropped!” – What that drop in score means, and how to respond (Sustainability » Leonardo Academy)

Find out what is driving commitments to smart, green and resilient buildings around the world, and what tops the list in the US (Surveys and Trends)

Lessons from the New York City carbon challenge (Magazines » FMJ)


Find out how ABM plans to reduce energy and operating costs for the L.A. GSA office, an Alabama school district, and the City of Fremont (Contract Awards)

You’ll never guess how much GreenGen thinks its targeted energy and water efficiency upgrades will save 3 GSA facilities in Ohio (Contract Awards)

Two recessed troffer lights on a green background

Need to replace recessed ceiling lights? LEDtronics’ new color-controlled solution claims energy savings of up to 75% over fluorescents (Lighting » Products and Services)

Find out how Ameresco plans to save energy and water for 38 municipal buildings in Georgia and 31 campus buildings at West Texas A&M (Contract Awards)

USB Type-C plugs are great for fast charging and data, but if you’re concerned about the heat, check out these temperature indicators (Energy » Products and Services)

For a coating you can paint on windows to save energy without sacrificing natural light, check out DryWired’s Liquid NanoTint 2.0 (Building Products » Products and Services)