AkitaBox and McKinstry partner to transform facility condition assessment software

Posted by Johann Nacario — September 1, 2022 — AkitaBox and McKinstry recently announced a partnership to deliver facility condition assessments (FCAs). AkitaBox FCA software will give architecture / engineering / construction (AEC) firms and building owners/operators a tool for conducting data collection, reporting, and other aspects of a complete FCA.

AkitaBox delivers data-driven software to assess and optimize the operation and condition of facilities, from the boiler room to the boardroom. The AkitaBox logocloud-based software provides real-time facilities data in a visual and easy-to-use, customizable format — helping teams simplify their operations, reduce risk, and solve even the most complex facility challenges. The AkitaBox Pulse suite of software solutions includes Facility Condition Assessment, Capital Management, Asset Management, Work Order Management, Preventive Maintenance, Occupant Experience, and Inspections.

McKinstry is a full-service, design-build-operate-and-maintain firm specializing in consulting, construction, energy and facility services. The firm’s innovaMckinstry logotive, integrated delivery methodology provides clients with a single point of accountability designed to drive waste and redundancy out of the design/build process. With over 2,000 professional staff and tradespeople throughout the United States and operations in more than 20 states, McKinstry advocates collaborative, sustainable solutions designed to ensure occupant comfort, improve systems efficiency, reduce facility operational costs, and optimize profitability “For The Life of Your Building.”

AkitaBox co-founder Josh Lowe stated:

A partnership with McKinstry, a leader in designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining high-performance buildings, is exciting for AkitaBox. Their invaluable testing and feedback will help us ensure our software will truly improve every aspect of FCAs.

We believe that we can help transform something that’s been overlooked and is in desperate need of change. We look forward to moving the industry towards a better FCA, one asset at a time.

The collaboration began in mid-2021, when McKinstry first learned AkitaBox was developing facility condition assessment software. At the time, McKinstry was looking for ways to augment its existing FCA offering to boost delivery of the company’s building consulting services.

Casey Morris, national facility assessment leader for McKinstry, stated:

McKinstry is partnering with AkitaBox to enhance our facility condition assessment and asset data collection, analysis, and reporting. AkitaBox brings a set of capabilities that complement our existing tools and methodologies while advancing our ability to achieve greater efficiency and improve deliverables for our clients.

This partnership will expand our capabilities in the marketplace. It’s going to give us an opportunity to be more competitive while still offering the actionable data and custom solutions for which McKinstry is known.

AkitaBox facility condition assessment FCA software

AkitaBox facility condition assessment (FCA) software screenshot. Image courtesy of AkitaBox. Click to enlarge.

AkitaBox FCA software fully digitizes a facility’s floor plans and maps the location of each asset to the plan, creating a digital twin. Assessment data is collected and incorporated directly into the digital twin. This data can continue to be updated after the FCA is complete for an always current view of facility condition.

To learn more about AkitaBox Facility Condition Assessment Software, visit the AkitaBox website.