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FMLink’s new collection of peer-reviewed titles from BNi Books has been curated by our editorial team to aid facilities, engineering and A&D professionals with quick and easy access to publications relating to their field. These books provide valuable knowledge about building design, construction, maintenance and operations to support buildings professionals and help them do their jobs.

The FMLink editorial team has organized the books by the following categories:

ADA / Accessibility
Construction Management
Green Building
Management Leadership
NFPA Codes
OSHA Safety
Plumbing / HVAC
Project Management
State & City Codes

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 Simpl-Est Square Foot

+ free 2023 DCD Guide to Construction Costs

Simpl-Est Square Foot is a complete estimating solution based on a historical cost database of nearly 2,000 actual projects.

Subscribe now for just $15.95 a month, and you’ll get an immediate free download of the 2023 DCD Guide to Construction Costs (a $92.95 value).

With Simpl-Est Square Foot:

  • You get detailed square-foot cost breakdowns for all types of construction: schools, hospitals, municipal buildings, offices, multi-family housing, restaurants, retail stores and more!
  • You get powerful search tools that let you quickly drill down to find projects that closely match what you or your client is planning.
  • You can drill down on projects that match foundation types, roof types, interior and exterior wall types. You can also drill down on new projects, renovations, adaptive reuse projects and more!

You can compare the costs of different building types. Get a reality check on a bidder’s estimate. Demonstrate the impact of a change order. Estimate with greater confidence than ever before!  With Simpl-Est Square Foot you will always be ready to answer the question, “How much will this cost to build?”


BNI Books Simple-Est



The ROI of FM Training: 6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling

ProFM ROI FM Training Oct 2022

Employers across the globe are facing similar challenges as it relates to their facility management (FM) workforce. How can you recruit new team members and what if they’re new to FM? What are the best strategies for retaining current team members? How can you elevate your FM teams with enhanced FM knowledge and skills?

The ROI of FM Training is an eBook from the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) that explores these challenges and the ways in which training and upskilling can help you meet your goals. See current research and real-world examples to illustrate the ROI of FM Training. Current FM Trends detailed include the talent shortage, FM skills gap, and shift in space management for hybrid work options.

The eBook’s resources include the American Upskilling Study by Gallup in 2021 and the 2022 FM Training Outlook Survey by ProFMI. The value of FM training and upskilling is detailed with graphics, with data from both the manager and employer points of view.

The 14-page eBook details the 6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling identified by ProFMI, each supported by real stories from ProFM customers.

See how ProFM has improved organizational outcomes in these six impact areas.



2022 FM Training Outlook Survey

ProFM TOS 2022

With a multitude of readers participating from FMLink and The McMorrow Reports, the Professional Facility Management Institute (ProFMI) has released the 2022 FM Training Outlook Survey results. The survey’s questions considered the need for facilities management (FM) training and credentials from both management and staff points of view.

Facilities managers were asked how the “Great Resignation” impacted the FM profession and how employers attract and retain top talent to help meet their organization’s strategic goals. Respondents indicate that 66% of FM managers and staff have left or have considered leaving their job in the past year.

The results also reveal the top three ways for organizations to retain facility professionals:

  1. Increase compensation or benefits.
  2. Provide opportunities for professional development or training.
  3. Offer opportunities for internal advancement.

FM training has value, according to survey respondents. A full 86% of FM employers say there’s a gap between the knowledge and skills their team has and what they need to excel. They believe training can make an impact, with 74% of FM employers saying that FM training and credentials result in better job performance. Further, 57% of FM employers are planning to implement FM training this year.

Click here to download the 2022 ProFM Training Outlook Survey results.


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