Armstrong’s Parts Kits for fire pumps provide everything needed for service and maintenance

Posted by Johann Nacario — November 29, 2022 — Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the availability of new Parts Kits for fire pumps. Consisting of engineered combinations of Armstrong genuine parts, the Parts Kits include all the replacement parts and related hardware required to complete the service and maintenance tasks that fire pumps require.

Armstrong Fluid Technology Parts Kits for fire pumps: HSC pump bearing kit

Parts Kits are designed to make it easier for service contractors, service dealers, and parts dealers to maximize system integrity, avoid failure and ensure fast, effective response in a fire emergency.

Ramakrishnan Ashok, global manager, Parts Strategy and Engineering, remarked:

This is a simple and effective step that industry professionals can take to ensure the safety of a building and everyone in it. Stocking spare Parts Kits and using them as part of regular maintenance procedures can greatly improve a building’s overall fire suppression system through increased reliability and efficiency. The customer is always assured of getting the correct items in the right size and right quantities. For most maintenance tasks, all of the related wear parts should be replaced so the pump is restored to its optimum performance. Parts Kits help owners ensure that maintenance work is thorough and complete.

The benefits provided by Parts Kits for fire pumps include:

Armstrong Fluid Technology Parts Kits for fire pumps: HSC pump packing kit with hardware

Images courtesy of Armstrong

  • Faster response to service
  • Quality assurance
  • Easy selection and ordering
  • More efficient inventory and storage

For more information about the Parts Kits for fire pumps, contact your Armstrong representatives or visit Armstrong Fluid Technology.