Bryan Series BE compact electric boilers offer broad versatility and long-term efficiency

Posted by Janet Stroud — April 11, 2023 — Bryan Boilers, an HSSC Company, recently announced its Series BE electric hot water or steam boilers: compact, completely packaged and wired units with automatic controls featuring long-life Incoloy sheathed elements.  Applications include hot water heating, steam heating, process heating, and supplemental heat for heat pumps.

Bryan Boilers BE series electric boiler

BE series electric boiler. Image courtesy of Bryan Boilers

BE boilers offer fully electric (non-fossil-fuel) operation for low- to medium-range applications.  The boilers are compact and completely packaged.

Input power requirement is 30-390 KW, 460 or 480 volt, 3 phase; 30-195 KW, 208 or 240 volt, 3 phase; or 15-120 KW, 240 volt, 1 phase.  Output is 98,000 BTUH (at 30 KW input) to 1,280,000 BTUH (at 390 KW input).

The boilers are operated with Bryan’s Concert Boiler Control with functions designed to save energy, optimize long‐term efficiency, and integrate seamlessly with all energy management systems (EMS).

Concert Control also offers Advanced Input Determination for firing rate; water temperature-based algorithms for multiple boilers; and a USB data-sharing port to streamline and simplify commissioning, assist with troubleshooting, and enhance performance analysis.

All Bryan BE Series Boilers are built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code and are UL listed.  Water boilers are 150 psig MAWP; steam boilers are either 15 psig or 150 psig.  Higher pressures are available.

For more information about the Series BE electric hot water or steam boilers, visit Bryan Boilers.