Need to manage when and where people are working in your office? Check out this contactless desk booking software

by Brianna Crandall — October 14, 2020 — In support of today’s flexible work environments and agile workforces, The CXApp digital workplace platform just launched its “Desks” solution for managing seats and people in the workplace.

CXApp desk booking software

The CXApp desk booking software can help FMs organize, occupy and manage spaces more efficiently, and give office workers greater flexibility to choose a place to work. Image courtesy CXApp

Workplace expectations have changed, as the company notes. When the pandemic hit home in early 2020, 88% of organizations encouraged or required employees to work from home, accelerating digital transformation timelines and requiring companies to adopt digital workplace technology at a rapid pace.

Returning to work, safely

A major concern facing companies planning Phase 1 and Phase 2 of their workplace reentry programs is managing how much of the workforce can return to work safely, including employee allocation per building, per floor, per department, per neighborhood and time of day. In result, a hybrid workplace model has surfaced where employees move between headquarters, home and other locations frequently.

In a global work-from-home survey, executives anticipate 25%-30% of the workforce will work at home multiple days a week through the end of 2021.

CEO and Chief Strategist Leon Papkoff explained:

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in what it means to “go to work” and how employees interact with each other and the physical spaces that make up the workplace.

The CXApp Desks solution helps companies organize, occupy, and manage spaces more efficiently while giving employees greater flexibility in the office and the ability to choose a place to work that best matches their needs.

Platform features include:

  • In-app desk booking via live availability map and custom timeframes
  • Search for activity-based workstations and amenities
  • Custom QR codes for timed entry
  • Automatic release of workstations
  • Occupancy data and desk usage
  • Indoor navigation and wayfinding (partnering with Inpixon, Aruba Networks, Mist Systems, and Pole Star)
  • Sensors with real-time feedback (partnering with Relogix)

Advanced desk manager and reservation rules

The advanced rules manager in The CXApp desk booking system gives companies greater capabilities for desk and seat distribution across a global workforce. The back-end system specifically equips real estate managers and facilities with tools to configure complex reentry requirements in the new workplace.

The CXApp has been working with enterprise customers over the last few months to roll out 38,000 desk licenses across financial, energy, technology and entertainment sectors to help manage employee expectations and smart desking needs.

Papkoff noted:

We’re transforming workplace behavior and empowering employees to make safe, productive decisions about where, how, and when they work as they come back to the office in these locations. We’re laying the foundation for the workplace of the future.

The CXApp Desks mobile desk booking app empowers employees and operations to make more informed decisions in and around the workplace.

The CXApp is a mobile solution for digital workplace experience, built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, driving mobile-first engagement through personalized and connected on-site journeys. Users can customize and deploy the app across all locations, all buildings, and all programs year after year. The CXApp streamlines all digital touchpoints across your workplace into one central hub.