Need to replace 96-inch fluorescent bulbs? These new T12 or T8 TLEDs offer up to 65% energy savings

by Brianna Crandall — January 22, 2020 — EarthTronics, dedicated to developing innovative energy-saving lighting products that provide a positive economic and environmental impact, has just introduced two new high-efficiency 96-inch Type B TLED bulbs offering energy savings of up to 65 percent compared to fluorescent lamps for commercial, industrial, institutional, manufacturing, retail, school and warehouse environments.

Type B TLED lamp

Type B TLED lamps are an easy retrofit for simple-strip or decorative pendant fixtures currently using fluorescents. Image courtesy EarthTronics

Easily replacing T12 and T8 96-inch fluorescent tubes, the TLED lamps from EarthTronics provide 5000k daylight with a high 82 color rendering index (CRI) for improved visual acuity and color clarity to provide visual comfort.

The TLED replacement lamps feature either an R17d base or a new single-pin Fa8 base:

  • For retrofit applications, the new TLED with the R17d base offers 5500 lumens, while consuming only 43 watts and easily replaces HO (high output) lamps.
  • For standard lamp fixtures, the EarthTronics TLED with the Fa8 standard base provides 4400 lumens, while consuming only 34 watts.

Both TLED bulbs are constructed with shatterproof coated glass and may even be used in food safety areas. Their 300° light distribution makes the lamps an easy solution for retrofitting simple strip or more decorative pendant fixtures. Both products operate on 120-277VAC.

With a 50,000-hour performance life, the new TLEDs from EarthTronics are designed to perform in extreme temperature ranges, operating from 45°C down to -20°C. These fixtures do not contain mercury and are RoHS certified. They are also UL listed for use in the USA and Canada, and come with a 10-year warranty.

These energy-saving products can be matched to utility rebates by using the EarthTronics Rebate Finder on the Muskegon, Michigan-based company’s website.

For more information about the new high-efficiency 96-inch TLEDs with a Type B double-end R17d base or Fa8 standard base, visit the EarthTronics website.