Get real-time data about your power system to make informed decisions and avoid downtime, with Eaton’s new solutions

by Brianna Crandall — September 23, 2020 — Power management company Eaton recently announced the launch of the innovative Pow-R-Line Xpert family of intelligent panelboards and switchboards, which feature real-time power system health monitoring. Seamlessly integrating Eaton’s Power Defense molded-case circuit breaker technology, the combined solutions deliver accurate, actionable data to help professionals across healthcare, commercial buildings, data centers and industrial facilities make smarter decisions about their power distribution infrastructure.

Eaton Pow-R-Line Xpert smart panelboards and switchboards

The Pow-R-Line Xpert family of intelligent panelboards and switchboards features real-time power system health monitoring. Image courtesy Eaton

Manny Alexander, product manager, Eaton, stated:

We continue to pioneer the application of intelligent capabilities in foundational power distribution equipment to give our customers deeper visibility into their power system performance and health. With the Pow-R-Line Xpert family, we identified an opportunity to build intelligent circuit protection directly into panelboards and switchboards, which are found within nearly every electrical distribution system. Now, for the first time, customers can use predictive insights to diagnose breaker health issues in panelboards and switchboards and address these issues before they result in costly downtime.

Commercial and industrial facilities across industries rely on panelboards and switchboards to provide essential power distribution while protecting infrastructure from overloads and short circuits. The integration of intelligent circuit breaker technology helps drive continuous uptime at these facilities by enabling maintenance personnel to monitor system health in real time and address anomalies, overloads and end-of-life conditions before they occur.

Integral metering capabilities paired with embedded communications deliver real-time voltage, current and frequency data to personnel to enable faster, more informed decision-making without the need to install additional meters or equipment.

The Pow-R-Line Xpert family also builds on Eaton’s commitment to electrical safety with the Arcflash Reduction Maintenance System, which helps protect personnel by reducing arc flash energy release during maintenance. A re-engineered deadfront cover offers full visibility into the circuit breaker faceplate information as well as accessibility to trip units without the need to remove them.

The Eaton Pow-R-Line Xpert panelboard and switchboard family is currently available in North America.

Eaton’s electrical business offers power management technologies and services around the world, with deep regional application expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; power quality, backup power and energy storage; control and automation; life safety and security; structural solutions; and harsh and hazardous environment solutions. Eaton provides end-to-end services, channel and an integrated digital platform and insights to help customers in 175+ countries safely and effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power.