Now you can make water-saving pressure-assisted toilets touch-free

by Brianna Crandall — April 19, 2021 — Flushmate, a Michigan-based supplier to toilet manufacturers on three continents, has introduced the INTELLI-Flush Automated Flushing System, a hands-free product exclusively compatible with existing Flushmate pressure-assisted toilets that combines the water-saving performance of Flushmate with the convenience of touch-free operation.

FlushmateIntelliflush touch-free system for pressure-assisted toilets

INTELLI-Flush Automated Flushing System combines water-saving performance of Flushmate pressure-assisted toilets with convenience of touch-free operation. Image courtesy Flushmate

Well-suited for commercial and residential applications, INTELLI-Flush is designed for new and select pressure-assisted toilets with Flushmate 1.0 (504 Series), 1.28 (503 Series) or 1.6 (503 Series) gallons per flush (gpf). Flushmate’s innovative technology reduces the spread of bacteria, dismisses recurring odors, and ensures a hands-free flush.

Bernard Peters, president, Flushmate, stated:

Restrooms are one of the most challenging areas to keep clean and well-maintained. There is no other area that has the single greatest impact on your customer’s or guest’s impression of your business. Restrooms have a wide variety of high-touch surfaces that pose a risk for cross-contamination as well as bad odors and sanitary concerns. Our INTELLI-Flush touch-free flushing system greatly improves a user’s restroom experience.

The INTELLI-Flush system can be easily installed with just three simple parts:

  • On-wall Sensor — Position the sensor above the tank to adjust to any one of four operating modes.
  • Flush Module — The flush module is compatible with Flushmate 503, 503H, or 504 Series flush-handle tanks.
  • Override Button — On-demand flushing is available with a sleek override button to easily replace the traditional flush handle.

Equipped with Infrared Object Lock Technology proven to ensure a superior flush after each use, the INTELLI-Flush system is battery-activated with adjustable sensor settings of a five- or seven-second flush delay.

The INTELLI-Flush system can also be programmed to use hand-wave actuation and an optional 24-hour Sentinel Flush. The Sentinel Flush will initiate an automatic flush 24 hours after its last use to ensure that restrooms stay fresher and cleaner.

For more information about the INTELLI-Flush Automated Flushing System and the benefits of touch-free and pressure-assisted technology, visit the Flushmate website. As the pioneer in pressure-assisted technology, Flushmate has been delivering water-saving solutions without sacrificing performance for over 35 years on three continents, with key markets including commercial, residential, hospitality, multifamily and more.