Glue-free duct liner from Johns Manville offers faster installation and microbial resistance

Posted by Janet Stroud — February 16, 2023 — Johns Manville (JM), a Berkshire Hathaway company and Denver-based building products manufacturer, announced the release of the company’s innovative glue-free duct liner product LinacouSTIC RC-IG, which includes a nontoxic, water-reactivated adhesive liner. LinacouSTIC RC-IG eliminates glue from the application of fiberglass duct liner to sheet metal.

Johns Manville glue-free duct liner LinacouSTIC RC-IG

LinacouSTIC RC-IG glue-free duct liner offers faster installation and microbial resistance. Image courtesy Johns Manville

LinacouSTIC RC-IG maintains all the benefits of JM’s popular Linacoustic RC product, but adds an exclusive, proprietary InsulGrip adhesive layer that is reactivated with water. No glue means no waste or overspray, reduced equipment maintenance and cleanup, and a faster installation process.

Product Manager Cassie Todtenhagen stated:

The LinacouSTIC RC products are superior to competitor materials because of our Permacote coating, which protects the airstream surface and provides a durable surface resistant to dust and dirt for added protection against microbial growth. The flame-attenuated technology is unique to JM, making it easy to cut and easy to work with. Plus, you get excellent R value and the acoustical value — all of which you still get with LinacouSTIC RC-IG, but with the added benefits of the InsulGrip layer.

The glue-free duct liner is available in 1”, 1 ½” and 2” thicknesses, and in a variety of widths.

Watch a demonstration of LinacouSTIC RC-IG and learn more about the product at Johns Manville.