After a hazardous chemical spill, AIHA’s tool helps assess airborne exposures

AIHA logoPosted by Johann Nacario — November 13, 2023 — The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has awarded the AIHA Guideline Foundation a second donation of $10,000 to continue developing the Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG) program. ERPGs are tools for assessing brief airborne exposures to hazardous chemicals associated with spills or releases. They may be used in accident prevention and emergency response planning and have been incorporated into the Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guidebook since 1989. The AIHA Guideline Foundation is the sole organization to establish and maintain ERPGs. It also publishes the Emergency Response Planning Guidelines Handbook, which aids first responders in managing the initial phase of hazardous material transportation accident response.

AIHA CEO Lawrence D. Sloan remarked:

We deeply appreciate ACC’s continued support of the AIHA Guideline Foundation’s Emergency Response Planning Guidelines program. This contribution sustains the development of ERPGs and reinforces the essential partnership between our organizations to equip first responders and disaster relief professionals with the tools they need to ensure effective emergency preparedness and response.

Jeffrey Sloan, senior director for Regulatory and Scientific Affairs for ACC, commented:

ACC values our ongoing partnership with AIHA, and we continue to support this valuable program. Our industry’s top priority is the safety of our facilities and their surrounding communities, and we are pleased to support AIHA’s mission of advancing community and workplace safety.

Find out more about the the Emergency Response Planning Guidelines (ERPG) program at AIHA.