HealthWay lists innovative HVAC trends from AHR Expo 2024 and debuts a compact filtration unit

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — March 18, 2024 — This year’s AHR Expo in Chicago was a huge success and a sign that the big show is back in full swing, according to air filtration solutions provider HealthWay. With an estimated 50,000 attendees and over 1,600 exhibitors, there was a lot to take in over three days. HealthWay was on hand not only to exhibit its wide range of industry-leading air filtration solutions but also to take part in the workshops and discussions that make AHR 2024 EXPO so valuable to the industry.

HealthWay FFU 2x2 air filtration unit

HealthWay FFU 2×2 air filtration unit. Image courtesy of HealthWay


Decarbonization was a hot topic of AHR 2024 as many companies and municipalities are searching for ways to curb their carbon footprint. HealthWay is already at the forefront of bringing efficient air filtration with flexible, scalable solutions. The company’s DFS technology was on display so people could see it is possible to achieve a high level of ultrafine particle filtration without the penalty of increased pressure drop. HealthWay says it is dedicated to helping you reach your decarbonization goals, whether it is from a new installation or a retrofit.

New standards from ASHRAE

ASHRAE Standard 241 was also a hot topic of discussion among attendees. HealthWay says it is dedicated to helping its customers meet the challenges of ASHRAE Standard 241 goals. It is possible to meet 241 standards without breaking the bank, but you need the right filtration to do it, notes the company. That’s where HealthWay’s Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology can help buildings keep occupants healthy through filtration, not just ventilation. The HealthWay booth featured its full line of air filtration solutions, available for live demonstrations so visitors could get hands-on with the equipment.

New HealthWay products with DFS technology:

  • The HealthWay Fan Filter Unit (FFU) was especially popular, as more and more people are looking for flexible IAQ solutions.
  • For even greater flexibility, the company debuted its new 2×2 FFU, which takes up half the ceiling space of its current FFU and is perfect for lighter applications like classrooms. You get the same ultrafine level particle filtration but with a more compact footprint.
  • Company reps were excited to show off the evolution of the popular SuperV residential inline filtration unit. Launching by the end of 2024, this new version of the SuperV is 50% thinner than the current model, making it much easier to fit into existing residential HVAC systems.

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