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Hiring? Help with finding and screening your next facility manager

Charles Thomas, industry consultant and facility manager, shares his recruitment tips when filling job vacancies

by Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief, Facility Market — During the Great Resignation, millions of U.S. workers have left their jobs, either for early retirement, seeking better opportunities or wanting a career change. Managers in all industries are searching for qualified applicants to fill countless job openings — including vacancies in facility management.

fnPrime - HiringHowever, hiring in this industry is challenging, as facility management can be a technical position at times, requiring an understanding of how different products and assets operate. But it also requires customer service skills, leadership traits and the ability to communicate with others.

Charles Thomas, facility manager with KIPP DC Public Charter Schools and also a Facility Operations Consultant with LACE Management, said:

I encourage people to just have an open mind when hiring a new candidate or even just looking for a new candidate, and not just hiring the best candidate, but the right candidate for the organization.

Dan Weltin, editor-in-chief of the facility market spoke with Thomas about the hiring struggles facility managers all across the country are facing.