Support home-based workers with this online ergonomics assessment and training

by Brianna Crandall — April 5, 2021 — Humanscale’s latest initiative to promote healthier, more functional home workspaces includes the launch of ergoIQ HOME, a natural extension of the high-performance ergonomics products designer and manufacturer’s ergoIQ suite. Developed by board-certified ergonomists, ergoIQ is touted as the next generation of online ergonomics web applications to help companies streamline current ergonomic programs.

Humanscale ergoIQ HOME ergonomics assessment platform

ergoIQ HOME pinpoints postural concerns, assesses equipment requirements and streamlines the purchasing process for any work-from-home (WFH) employee population. Image courtesy Humanscale

With ergoIQ HOME, organizations can empower remote employees by giving them insight and tools to configure a more tailored workspace that eliminates discomfort and caters to long-term well-being.

Designed as an objective, research-based needs assessment software, ergoIQ HOME pinpoints postural concerns, assesses equipment requirements, and streamlines the purchasing process for any work-from-home (WFH) employee population in 10 minutes or less, says Humanscale.

Humanscale ergoIQ HOME assessment

The individual ergoIQ HOME assessment usually takes 10 minutes or less. Image courtesy Humanscale

The program begins with a simple questionnaire that focuses on six distinct areas that are critical to the overall health and productivity of a remote worker:

  • Technology utilization
  • Work tools
  • Seating
  • Hand and wrist posture
  • Work environment
  • Movement, rest and break frequency

After the assessment quiz, companies receive a configurable report that summarizes the postural concerns and compatible equipment recommendations identified for each remote employee. The program dashboard then assists company administrators in prioritizing setup interventions, setting corporate budgets, and streamlining the procurement process.

Humanscale ergoIQ HOME results report

A configurable report summarizes postural concerns and compatible equipment recommendations for remote employees to help companies strategize interventions and procurement. Image courtesy Humanscale

Jonathan Puleio, MS CPE, global vice president of Humanscale Consulting, noted:

In this age of remote working, ergoIQ HOME prevents employees from self-diagnosing ergonomic issues while offering organizations a professional assessment that’s tied directly into its overall strategy for ergonomics and wellness. The ergoIQ suite is the first program of its kind that is intuitive, scalable and cost-effective so businesses can better address employee concerns without misappropriating valuable time and resources.

Though designed to work together as a comprehensive system, each component under the ergoIQ umbrella is distinct and focused on achieving different levels of program support:

  • ergoIQ HOME: Assess postural concerns and equipment needs
  • ergoIQ FIT: Configure WFH environments for optimal health and comfort
  • ergoIQ Learn: Elevate ergonomic awareness among employees
  • ergoIQ LIVE: Offer online consultations to those who require additional assistance

Following the ergoIQ HOME assessment, ergoIQ FIT offers users a quick tune-up, demonstrating how professionals can configure their workstations for optimal health and comfort. To support equipment suggestions, employees can access ergoIQ LEARN, a curated library of web-based ergonomics training modules offered in a variety of formats from eLEARNING (SCORM), narrated PowerPoint videos, and live webinars from Humanscale’s Work @ Home webinar series.

Employees will leave these training sessions with an elevated understanding of ergonomics, says Humanscale. For those who require additional assistance, a final resource, ergoIQ LIVE, offers 30-minute online consultations with a certified ergonomist who can provide more personalized evaluations and specific action plans.

Organizations can invest in these programs separately or packaged as needed to address their unique needs. To learn more about ergoIQ HOME and the entire ergoIQ suite, visit the Humanscale website.