Wondering how to apply physical distancing as your building reopens? This new software can take out the guesswork

by Brianna Crandall — June 10, 2020 — With facilities beginning to reopen from the coronavirus shutdowns, iOFFICE, a provider of next-generation workplace experience and asset management solutions, recently announced the launch of a powerful new space-planning feature that enables companies to effectively implement safe distancing in their workspaces: Space-Right.

iOFFICE’s Space-Right tool for safe distancing

iOFFICE’s Space-Right tool is a powerful new space-planning feature designed to take the guesswork out of workplace safe distancing. Image courtesy iOFFICE

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing drastic changes to the norms of global workplace occupancy, businesses must make rapid decisions to scale their spaces and assets.

iOFFICE VP of Product Strategy Chad Smith shared:

We’ve heard concerns from customers and the industry at large about their ability to create a safe environment that employees are comfortable returning to when the time comes.

In response to these challenges, iOFFICE tapped engineers, product managers and user experience designers from its Workspace Division — which includes recently acquired workplace experience company Teem — to identify new ways to support workplace leaders in their return-to-work and post-pandemic operational strategies.

The result is a new dynamic tool to help space planners visualize the impacts of implementing physical distancing measures.

Using a simple slider, workplace leaders can adjust the separation between workspaces, instantly watch the corresponding changes appear on their floor plan, and see the planned capacity reduction percentage. They can also toggle between viewing by space and by person to see the impacts on individuals for move planning purposes.

A smart algorithm allows them to automatically run multiple scenarios including several factors — such as bringing the workforce back in phases or shifts based on job function, converting small collaborative spaces to offices, or increasing remote work allowances — to identify the optimal outcome before finalizing new floor plans and moving people.

With Space-Right, workplace leaders can pivot to quickly adjust plans as needs change, reduce risk, and increase employee confidence in returning to the workspace.

CEO Mark Peterson stated:

At iOFFICE, we believe in always doing the right thing. During this time, that means being there to support businesses as they tackle strategies for the inevitable return to the workplace. That’s why we felt it was imperative to offer three months of free access to our current customers to kickstart their return-to-office planning.

Initial feedback from the iOFFICE Workspace Division Customer Advisory Board indicates strong market demand for this functionality, with those polled citing quick and easy implementation, time savings and employee reassurance as its top benefits.

Space-Right is available now, and existing iOFFICE customers receive 90 days free. For more information and to view an introductory video, visit the website.