Landscape Forms’ robust, high-design site furniture creates inviting outdoor destinations

Posted by Janet Stroud — April 25, 2023 — Landscape Forms, North American designer and manufacturer of high-design site furniture, structure, LED lighting, and accessories, continues to build out its portfolio with long-time partner Urbidermis as the company announces an expansion of both the successful Harpo and Bancal lines.

Landscape Forms Chief Innovation Officer Kirt Martin remarked:

Working with Urbidermis has been one of our longest-running and most successful design partnerships to date. The success not only speaks to the expertise of Urbidermis in their mastery of Mediterranean design, but also to the opportunity this partnership brings U.S. landscape architects through fresh, compelling design and strong value propositions.

Landscape Forms Harpo double chaise site furniture

The new Harpo double chaise is both wider and taller, creating an  inviting destination. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms. Click to enlarge.

The Harpo and Bancal lines, the focus of the new expansions, are prime examples of the purity and sophistication of the Barcelona-based firm’s design philosophy, says Landscape Forms.

Landscape Forms Director of Design Ryan Heiser remarked:

These two lines are refined in their scales, elegant in their simplicity, and intelligent in their combinations of materials. They represent the sort of modest confidence that distinguishes such a seasoned design practice like Urbidermis.

Joining the Harpo line of site furnishings designed by renowned father-and-son team Miguel and Gonzalo Milá, a new double chaise lounge communicates a closeness and togetherness in public outdoor spaces. Compared to the popular Harpo single chaise, the new double chaise is both wider and taller, creating an  inviting destination for partners, close friends, and parents and their children to share moments outdoors together. Found globally throughout high-profile streetscapes, public parks, and campuses, the Harpo line is celebrated for its combination of architectural clarity and robust construction, and the new double chaise adds a fresh dimension.


Bancal benches and new table embody minimal formal expression in favor of increased communal function, adaptability and durability.. Image courtesy of Landscape Forms. Click to enlarge.

Designed by another distinguished duo, Julià Espinàs and Olga Tarrasó, the Bancal modular bench system now welcomes a complementary picnic table to help define new spaces for outdoor dining and leisure. Often taking the form of long runs lining sidewalks and paralleling pedestrian promenades, Bancal benches embody minimal formal expression in favor of increased communal function, adaptability and durability.

New Bancal picnic tables build upon this philosophy, utilizing a simple structure of folded steel sheets to anchor naturally-weathering, slatted Ipe tops. Together, Bancal picnic tables and benches simplify the creation of everyday settings that reinforce social well-being with the quality materials and manufacturing to last many beautiful decades outdoors.

Landscape Forms President of Site Furnishings & Structure Robb Smalldon commented:

The expansions to both Harpo and Bancal began at the request of our sales team who was saying, “This is exactly what our customers are asking for.” So it’s always an exciting and encouraging opportunity to evolve and augment our products knowing that we’re addressing the real needs of our customers and the communities they serve.

For more images and specs for the Harpo and Bancal site furniture, visit Landscape Forms.

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