Learn to manage energy data effectively with OSCRE’s on-demand training

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — January 8, 2024 — There’s a need for the workforce to develop what can be described as “hybrid skills”, blending an understanding of the real estate industry, data and technology to be able to advance organizations and the industry in an increasingly regulated data-driven environment.

Increase your understanding of energy data

To meet this emerging need, real estate data governance nonprofit OSCRE International has developed a new on-demand training program, Effective Energy Data Management, to help you and others within your organization build the skills to advance in this critical area.

Woman taking OSCRE Academy course: Effective Energy Data Mangement Practices

“Effective Energy Data Management” on-demand training will help you and others within your organization build the skills to advance in this critical area.

OSCRE offers this quick overview (PDF) of what’s covered in ten one-hour sessions you can complete when and where you like, including:

  • How to develop the business case to advocate for the resources needed to improve energy data management within your organization
  • Improve your ability to interact with multiple stakeholders internally and with external business partners to achieve results
  • Increase your command of the new vocabulary associated with environmental data
  • Learn how you can use the new free and open access standards to help you in your role, whether it’s in technology, data or the business

Register today for the Effective Energy Data Management online course, and complete the coursework when and where you like. OSCRE is offering a $50.00 discount on the registration fee so you can get started right away in expanding your knowledge and your value in this critical area of energy data management. Just use the code EEDMP50 during the checkout process.

If you have a group of ten or more, contact OSCRE at info@oscre.org for a group discount.

Once registered, you may take up to one year to successfully complete your coursework and earn the Effective Energy Data Management certificate.