Manage rented and owned construction equipment on one platform from Sunbelt Rentals + Tenna

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Posted by Janet B. Stroud — January 5, 2024 — Tenna, the construction technology platform designed to revolutionize equipment fleet operations, Tenna logorecently announced the release of its OEM integration with Sunbelt Rentals.

The integration allows Tenna customers to view their Sunbelt Rentals assets along with their owned assets across all job sites. This integration improves visibility and project management processes and helps contractors maximize profits with more efficient management of both owned and rented assets on one platform.

Tenna’s native integration with Sunbelt Rentals is compliant with AEMP standards and enables construction businesses to view Sunbelt Rentals logolocation and utilization information provided by Sunbelt Rentals. Whether rented or owned, contractors need to understand how an asset is used, how it affects productivity and profits, and if it is needed again. By capturing side-by-side data from rented and owned assets, Tenna users can track which rented assets are most frequently requested and which owned assets are not.

Over time, Tenna predicts that its customers using Sunbelt Rentals will be able to make more informed rental and purchasing decisions that will help them control project costs, improve cash flow, and reduce storage and disposal costs.

Jose Cueva, co-founder, and vice president of product at Tenna, explained:

Tenna customers now have access to valuable utilization and location data from both owned and rented assets integrated into one system with AEMP compliance. With this integration with Sunbelt Rentals, Tenna continues to lead the field in integrations and product developments that simplify project, resource, and budget management for the construction industry.

Learn more about Tenna’s OEM integration with Sunbelt Rentals online.