Dealing with erratic occupancy rates? This variable-speed HVAC unit enables remote monitoring — and can automatically adjust output

by Brianna Crandall — October 28, 2020 — MWSK Equipment, which markets and sells heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and provides related services, has just announced that it is now offering Versatec Variable Speed HVAC units by WaterFurnace to help facilities managers (FMs) and other commercial users handle today’s unpredictable occupancy rates within any office building or commercial space.

According to the company, Versatec Variable Speed differs from traditional HVAC systems in that spaces can vary their temperature, energy and system performance based on current occupancy. With this flexible option, occupants can save energy, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and increase efficiency.

In addition to the unit’s innovative design, it is also designed to provide exceptional energy savings compared to single or dual capacity units, which means that while there are fewer people in the office, companies have increased cost savings, says MWSK. For greater effectiveness, the unit automatically adjusts its output based on the space requirements.

Jim Clinton, vice president of MWSK, remarked:

With these unpredictable times we are living in, it’s comforting to know that the Versatec Variable Speed units can closely match the occupancy rates. This is especially relevant when we do not know when we can get back to full occupancy. Additionally, the variable capacity compressor along with the twinning capabilities allows for consistency throughout spaces, load matching and maximum efficiency.

Without using any chemicals or harmful byproducts, Versatec Variable Speed can also improve air quality through a bi-polar ionization option. The ions interact with what is already in the air, from viruses and bacteria to allergens and odors, destroying them or making them easy to remove.

Versatec Variable Speed comes in a range of footprints to accommodate a variety of spaces and retrofits, offering both vertical and horizontal units in six different sizes, which are available in 3-15 tons.

Aurora advanced controls offer true energy, refrigeration and optional performance monitoring, while the optional Aurora UPC DDC package uses BACnet, N2 or LON protocols to integrate into building automation systems (BASs).

For more information, contact MWSK Equipment and see the Versatec Variable Speed product page on the WaterFurnace website.