New GridPoint Protect promises safe, clean and maintenance-free backup power

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July 14, 2006—GridPoint, Inc., a provider of intelligent energy management (IEM) appliances, has announced that GridPoint Protect, a next-generation backup power appliance, has launched with new online energy management capabilities that offer security for the home or business in the event of a power outage.

GridPoint customers log on to the GridPoint Central Web portal to create a personal energy profile to automatically manage energy efficiency based on their individual preferences. The portal also provides information such as the runtime of battery backup power available, the energy status of vacation homes or satellite business offices, as well as total energy consumption data, utility rate schedules, historical energy usage patterns and weather updates, according to the company.

GridPoint Protect’s clean alternative to a generator provides safe, instant backup power during storms, hurricanes, rolling blackouts, brownouts, and other power disturbances. The product incorporates recyclable batteries, power electronics and on-board computer in an attractive, self-enclosed appliance about the size of a small refrigerator. Unlike a generator, GridPoint Protect is silent, emissions-free and safe to install and operate inside a home or business, says GridPoint.

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