New Insight software for Siemens’ APOGEE building management system helps reduce operating costs in multiple buildings

July 12, 2002—Insight 3.3 GUI software for Siemens Building Technologies’ APOGEE building management and control system delivers enhanced performance and convenience tools for Facilities Managers. By giving managers better access to multiple facilities operations, Insight software can help them reduce operating costs, improve staff productivity, and better ensure occupant safety throughout a building or campus, from a single workstation.

New Insight 3.3 delivers:

  • General enhancements such as an offline dialog box for all editors to improve database management and user efficiency, and an expanded HVAC application-specific graphics library;
  • An attribute duplicator so users can copy point properties to another point or group of points to streamline point databases setup, thus allowing quick duplication of alarm destinations, standard and enhanced alarm definitions, access groups, default graphics, and trend definitions;
  • Improved online user documentation accessible from the main menu; also online links to technical information;

Insight 3.3 includes data conversion tools built to make converting data from prior 2.x or 3.x versions easy. Also for new installations, Insight 3.3 is designed for Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 standalone workstations and workstations connected to a Management Level Network (MLN). For more information visit Siemens.