Eliminate odors from trash cans and dumpsters with these nontoxic Nilodor cleaners

Posted by Brianna Crandall — August 17, 2022 — The employee, customer and visitor experience starts in the parking lot where, too often, garbage and recycling dumpsters dominate a landscape where they should be invisible.

Hospeco Brands Group, which comprises Acute Care, Adenna, HOSPECO, Nilodor and other popular brands, offers a complete weapon for this fight, the Nilodor Waste Container and Dumpster System, a product mix developed to keep dumpsters and trash cans, trash rooms, loading docks, and other high-odor areas deodorized and clean. An important distinction between the Nilodor family of products compared to other odor-fighting tools is that Nilodor products do not mask odors; rather, they eliminate them, says the company.

Hospeco Nilodor cleaners for dumpsters

Image courtesy of the Hospeco Brands Group. Click to enlarge.

The product lineup starts with Chute and Dumpster Wash All-Purpose Cleaner and Chute & Dumpster Wash PLUS Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner, with Nilodew Deodorizing Granules providing maintenance between cleanings.

Chute & Dumpster Wash is a safe, nontoxic, and environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner with odor-neutralizing power. Available in a one-gallon concentrate or, for an easier application, in a special applicator spray system that properly dilutes and releases a ready-to-use cleaner. Simply connect to a water hose, turn the dial to “solution spray,” and begin applying to the inside and outside of dumpsters to eliminate dirt and grease buildup and severe odors. To rinse the area after cleaning, simply turn the dial to “water” and rinse.

For cleaning that’s a step beyond, there’s Chute & Dumpster Wash PLUS. This bio-enzymatic cleaner is formulated with safe, grease-loving, enzyme-forming bacteria and citrus oils. It works just like regular Chute & Dumpster Wash by attaching to a hose. Severe odors may require agitation with a brush or broom, notes the company.

Both products are also suitable for compactors, trash chutes, outdoor eating areas, recycling areas, and any other applications for which organic matter results in foul odors.

Between cleanings, pour in one to two pounds of Nilodew Dumpster Deodorizer, an easy-to-use, clay-based, granular deodorizer that contains a natural odor absorbent, a proprietary odor neutralizer, and Citronella oil. Nilodew is used to control and neutralize foul odors in and around dumpsters, compactors, trash cans and recycling areas around the clock, for up to seven days.

For sewers, elevator shafts, water treatment facilities and anywhere an abundance of odor needs to be neutralized, there is Super N Deodorizing Super Sock. As a safer alternative to hazardous parablocks, Super Sock contains concentrated Nilodor odor neutralizer for effective, long-lasting odor control that fights odors 24/7 for 30 days. The product is also suitable for fire restoration use.

For more information about the Nilodor Waste Container and Dumpster System product line, visit the Hospeco Brands Group website. The Cleveland-based Group’s products make workplaces, businesses, schools and other public facilities safer and more comfortable through categories such as personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning equipment and supplies, facility and floor care, odor control, restroom comfort and menstrual care.