OpenWorks portal offers digital access to facility services details

Information hub enables real-time communication between OpenWorks, its customers and the facility services providers who support them

Posted by Johann Nacario — March 16, 2023 — In the world of facilities management (FM), risk is everywhere you turn, and no two facilities have the exact same set of needs. That’s why OpenWorks is harnessing the power of data to help customers make proactive decisions that reduce uncertainty and risk. The national facilities management company recently introduced the OpenWorks Portal, a digital hub where communication occurs in real time among OpenWorks, its customers and the facility services providers who support them.

OpenWorks Portal for facility services

OpenWorks Portal harnesses the power of data to help customers make proactive decisions that reduce uncertainty and risk. Image courtesy of OpenWorks.

The Portal enhances interaction and visibility among all parties involved in each customer relationship. With the customer at the center, OpenWorks provides operational oversight and expertise while professional franchise owners and independent service providers focus on making facilities safer, cleaner and more compliant. The Portal is expected to add a new layer of confidence for customers, reinforcing OpenWorks’ impressive 99% customer retention rate.

Ed Pim, senior vice president, Operations & Excellence at OpenWorks, stated:

The Portal gives customers one view of their service activity and quality across locations, so they can proactively improve efficiency, reduce risk and reduce costs. This is especially beneficial to our multi-site customers, who appreciate being able able to consolidate facility management with a single partner — OpenWorks — to achieve consistency while creating efficiencies and removing operational risk across locations.

A key feature of the OpenWorks Portal is that it acts as a comprehensive reference tool for each location associated with a contract, which is particularly useful for managing the needs of the growing number of multi-location customers within OpenWorks’ portfolio. Service providers are able to create a consistent but tailored service plan for each facility based on the specialized needs of each location, even if there are multiple different buildings associated with the account. In this manner, service providers are able to respond to regulatory nuances and other critical variations from one site to the next that could impact operations.

Within the Portal, customers and service providers also have digital access to a personalized interactive dashboard that gives an at-a-glance view of their accounts. Customers and service providers can see all their administrative data, including recent and historical payments, work orders, and other details of the relationship.

Another benefit of the OpenWorks Portal is access to an e-commerce platform where customers can place direct orders to replenish facility supplies, leveraging OpenWorks’ scope and buying power to purchase an expansive inventory at prices approximately 20% lower than retail.

OpenWorks, a leader in creating safer workplaces since its founding in 1983, has seen rapid growth in recent years, in part due to the pandemic that has spurred businesses and other public facilities to place unprecedented priority on advanced cleaning measures. Since the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic, OpenWorks has worked diligently to maintain steady access to essential equipment and supplies despite transportation and other disruptions experienced across numerous industries.

At the same time, OpenWorks prioritizes consistent and personalized services that remove risk and provide facility managers with peace of mind, even when their responsibilities span multiple sites with divergent specifications. Thanks to its breadth of facilities services capabilities, OpenWorks’ customers are said to appreciate the ability to consolidate services under an experienced, reliable partner.

For more information about the OpenWorks Portal, visit the company’s website.