Partner Energy newly formed to aid property owners in energy efficiency measures

by AF 0603 c3 — June 8, 2009—Partner Energy, a Los Angeles-based energy services firm, is helping shepherd commercial building owners through the energy efficiency process and maximize their energy-saving investments, according to the company.

The firm was jointly established a little more than a month ago by Partner Engineering and Science Inc., a national environmental services and building technologies firm, and Tony Liou, a mechanical engineer formerly with Siemens and Pacific West Energy Solutions, an energy services company.

Partner Energy is operating as a one-stop shop where building owners can go for energy audits, benchmarking, retrofit recommendations, project management and verification, and guidance on energy regulation, which is evolving rapidly through new legislative policies, building codes and mandated disclosure.

According to Liou, real estate stakeholders are being bombarded and overwhelmed with energy efficiency advice and strategies that can be difficult to process and impossible to implement without proper planning.

The firm is currently conducting an energy audit for a 300,000-square-foot office building in Long Beach, California, and working with several small business owners on an energy efficiency loan program sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

For more information visit the Partner Energy Web site.