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AGF flood eliminator

Image courtesy of AGF

Posted by Janet B. Stroud — February 6, 2023 — The AGF COLLECTANDRAIN FLOODELIMINATOR Model 5900 is designed to stop the flood of water that may result when a dry fire sprinkler system’s auxiliary drain malfunctions due to a freeze and break, causing the dry valve to trip.

The Model 5900 allows condensate to collect normally in an auxiliary drain, but if confronted with a pressurized flow of water from a tripped dry valve the internal mechanism closes, shutting off the flow to the malfunctioning auxiliary drain, eliminating external flooding.

The Model 5900 is suitable for dry and pre-action systems, compressed air or nitrogen, requires no power, automatically resets when the system is restored to operation, and can easily be retrofitted onto existing small volume low-point drains or auxiliary drains.

AGF video flood eliminator