Add notes and images to your 3D walkthrough for maintenance or insurance while on-site, with iGUIDE

Real Time Tagging by iGUIDE speeds up on-site property documentation for workflows or insurance processing
Screenshot of Real Time Tagging by iGUIDE for property documentation

Real Time Tagging is designed to expedite workflows and speed up your processes by adding photos and descriptions on-site. Image courtesy of iGUIDE

Posted by Johann Nacario — November 27, 2023 — iGUIDE, a provider of digital twins and floor plans for residential and commercial real estate, insurance and restoration, and facility management (FM), has announced a new and faster way to document points of interest in virtual walkthroughs. This new feature known as Real Time Tagging allows you to add annotations to the 3D Virtual Walkthrough immediately, while you are scanning a space. Real Time Tagging is available now and is free with every iGUIDE package.

According to Michael Vervena, VP of Sales and Marketing at iGUIDE, the company is continuously enhancing its technology to ensure comprehensive property documentation. Vervena remarked:

The recent introduction of Real Time Tagging has significantly improved the efficiency by allowing the ability to add property information and details on-site. This feature not only saves time but also expedites building condition assessments and property insurance claims.

While documenting an insurance claim, users no longer need to wait until they leave the physical property to add descriptive details as tags. With Real Time Tagging, they can now include notes and photos while on-site, providing immediate context and understanding of the damage.

Alex Likholyot, CEO and co-founder at iGUIDE. explained:

Customers can now use the same mobile device with which they control their PLANIX camera to capture additional pictures detailing any points of interest at the same time as they are shooting a new iGUIDE. This new workflow brings unique and extraordinary efficiencies to the process of documenting spaces for insurance claims, damage restoration, or facility management applications.

Image courtesy of iGUIDE

Connect the virtual environment with images and descriptions while it’s in front of you and easy to identify, with Real Time Tagging. Image courtesy of iGUIDE. Click to enlarge.

Real Time Tagging also empowers facility managers to optimize their workflows by eliminating tedious documenting after they leave the site and provides them with an immediate, instantaneous solution for linking physical assets to their FM software and asset databases.

Here is how the process works:

  • Scan a space with the iGUIDE camera system.
  • Click the Add a Tag button.
  • Enter text or add an image.
  • Place the tag marker on the image.

For more information about Real Time Tagging, visit iGUIDE.