Compute the costs of retrofitting your building to all-electric, with RMI’s guide

Posted by Johann Nacario — October 30, 2023 — A new analysis from RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute) examines the economic and environmental costs of retrofitting office buildings to be all-electric.

RMI guide to retrofitting buildings to all-electricRecognizing commercial buildings generate about 16% of energy-related CO2 emissions in the U.S., the report Economics of Electrifying Buildings: Medium-Size Commercial Retrofits found that mid-size office buildings electrification retrofits can not only lower emissions, but also can be cost-effective when paired with a suite of other energy retrofit measures, such as heat pump water heaters, heat pump rooftop units, energy recovery ventilation, peak heating demand management, and on-site solar photovoltaics.

Although regional climate conditions and gas utility rates are the primary drivers of the economics of decarbonization retrofits in the commercial sector, it will increasingly become more economical with state and federal policy changes, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, says RMI.

The report, Economics of Electrifying Buildings: Medium-Size Commercial Retrofits, is available from RMI.