Need to bring privacy back to your open office? This cost-effective, soundproof phone booth can help

by Brianna Crandall — December 11, 2019 — ROOM, a US-based startup setting out to redefine the modern workplace with modular space solutions, announced the launch of the next edition of its flagship office phone booth earlier this year, along with its launch in Europe. ROOM has experienced tremendous growth and expansion since launching in May 2018, doubling its 2018 sales run rate by April 2019 while experiencing 20%+ month-over-month growth since starting.

ROOM phone booth

ROOM’s modular, easily transportable phone booth helps companies solve the issues of noise and privacy in the workplace at scale, with its lower pricepoint. Image courtesy ROOM

The company says its adaptation of the emerging direct-to-consumer model for business audiences has resonated with brands across America. Whereas other phone booth manufacturers charge as much as $1,000 or more for shipping alone, ROOM offers free shipping and has pursued a model that emphasizes strong customer support and transparency, the company says. ROOM ships its phone booths flat-packed directly to businesses, with a focus on simple, functional design to enable a high-quality, cost-effective solution that helps companies solve the issues of noise and privacy in the workplace at the scale required.

Armed with feedback from its customers, which range from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies, ROOM created the next iteration of its iconic product to make it a go-to solution for the emergent category of modular privacy spaces.

Among the product’s new features is a motion sensor that automatically turns on and off the LED light and ventilation fans when someone enters the phone booth, enabling a more sustainable use of energy. The addition builds on ROOM’s foundation of environmental sensibility, as each booth uses soundproofing materials made out of 1,088 recycled plastic bottles. To date, ROOM says it has repurposed more than three million bottles and counting.

ROOM phone booth motion sensor

Among the phone booth’s new features is a motion sensor that automatically turns the LED light and ventilation fans on and off when someone enters the phone booth. Image courtesy ROOM

Additional modifications and enhancements include:

  • 25% increased airflow, with all air inside the booth being refreshed every minute
  • A wider interior desk (32”) to provide 48% more workspace
  • Industrial carpet able to withstand greater levels of wear and tear
  • Removable floor air vents reinforced with a stronger metal, enabling an easier cleaning experience
  • Desk-height power outlets to enable easier access for charging devices
  • Ethernet port compatible with phone cords as an optional add-on
  • Availability in black or white exterior colorways, each paired with oak wood, so the phone booth can fit into different office styles

The new edition of ROOM’s phone booth is currently available for purchase, with the optional addition of an ethernet port. The release of the new phone booth edition is the start of ROOM’s product expansion, with planned additional releases and coordinating accessories.


In September, ROOM launched online sales of its soundproof and sustainable phone booth across the UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

In November, the company announced the appointment of Oliver Kaltner as its new European CEO. An expert in digital and IoT-based business models, Kaltner will split time between ROOM’s Berlin and London offices and will oversee ROOM’s operations across Europe. Kaltner’s past positions include CEO of Vectron Systems, CEO of Leica Camera, general manager at Microsoft, and prominent positions at Sony, Sky, Electronic Arts and Nike.

To learn more about ROOM or to make a direct purchase, visit the company’s website. Launched in May 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Morten Meisner-Jensen and Brian Chen, ROOM is backed by Silicon Valley angel investors Slow Ventures and was recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2018. ROOM’s 2,000+ customers include NASA, Google, Nike, JP Morgan, Uber, Amazon, Apple and Salesforce.