Use your energy consumption data to track GhG emissions, with SkySpark analytics software

SkyFoundry GHG logo

SkyFoundry GHG logo. Image courtesy SkyFoundry

by Brianna Crandall — January 14, 2022 — SkyFoundry, a leading developer of analytics software for Internet of Things (IoT) device, equipment and sensor data, has just introduced a new release of its Greenhouse Gas (GhG) App, a SkySpark data analytics application for calculating, tracking and reporting greenhouse gas performance.

SkyFoundry provides software solutions to create value from the data produced by the Internet of Things. SkySpark Analytics is an open, extensible software platform enabling data from a wide range of sources to be automatically collected, visualized, and analyzed, to identify opportunities for operational improvements and cost reduction.

The Greenhouse Gas (GhG) App, introduced in early 2021 as a standard SkySpark feature, integrates with online data resources to make it easy to quickly configure location-specific emission factors to accurately turn energy consumption data into GhG equivalents. These equivalents are then available for use in visualizations, reports, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analytics.

The GhG App presents greenhouse gas performance in a wide range of engineering and “societal” metrics, i.e., miles driven, trees planted, smartphones charged, and many more.

Following quick and positive response to the initial rollout of the GhG App, the new release of the App captures valuable input from SkyFoundry’s worldwide user community, which includes leading energy and sustainability professionals.

Key new features include:

  • GhG values calculated and visualized with the same resolution as your meter data, whether that is 15-minute interval data or more frequent meter readings. This is especially important as more and more facilities adopt use of multi-source energy including renewable resources.
  • GhG emissions can now be visualized as the total for each emission source or meter in addition to each site providing more flexibility to analyze emission data.
  • Users can now select a baseline of a previous month or previous year to analyze emission performance.
  • A new built-in view makes it easy to display equivalent emission values of the supported societal metrics in a card format.
  • Some predefined models have been added to the Greenhouse Gas Service based on published data from the UK Government and British Columbia Provincial Government.

John Petze, co-founder of SkyFoundry, stated:

Corporate and government interest and support for sustainability and “ESG”-related policies [Environmental, Social and Governance] is growing across all segments of the commercial real estate industry. ESG issues are increasingly seen by shareholders as an indicator of a company’s future success and are now a core component of most annual reports by public companies. Key elements of the “E” portion include energy efficiency initiatives, and greenhouse gas emission tracking and reporting. The ability to calculate, track and report greenhouse gas metrics using the SkySpark GhG App adds a valuable tool to SkySpark’s continually growing suite of energy-focused applications.

The GhG App is a fully integrated SkySpark application, providing the same navigation options, presentation formats and reporting features provided by the entire suite of SkySpark Apps.

More information about SkySpark Analytics and the GhG App is available on the SkyFoundry website.