See how Terminix Commercial’s hands-on disinfection service can help minimize the spread of the coronavirus

by Brianna Crandall — April 15, 2020 — As the concern around the spread of COVID-19 has caused significant disruption of many businesses and communities, Terminix Commercial, a provider of commercial pest management across the US and internationally and a ServiceMaster company, is launching a new disinfecting service to meet the growing need for disinfection head-on. ServiceMaster says all of its brands, which provide essential residential and commercial services, are fully mobilizing to fight the coronavirus.

The new service from Terminix Commercial, Disinfectix Site Disinfecting Service, is a convenient and effective way to give business owners the confidence that their areas will be clean for staff and customers to return. The service is provided by trained professionals using products that meet the criteria of, and are deemed effective by, the US EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Greg Rutherford, Terminix Commercial president, remarked:

With the impact of this new coronavirus on our customers and businesses around the world, it’s clear that this is a critical need we can help fill immediately. Whether a business has endured a complete shutdown, they’re operating in a modified capacity, or they’ve been deemed an essential service, every business owner needs to be confident that their workplace will be ready for customers and employees.

The service provides a hands-on approach that disinfects and kills germs on high-touch hard surfaces in businesses including, but not limited to, door handles, counters, walls, equipment, desks, food prep tables, etc. — helping minimize the invisible threats that can linger in these spaces.

Dan Baldwin, senior director, Technical & Regulatory Services, Terminix Commercial, explained:

While this is a new service offering, we’ve been providing different levels of sanitization and disinfection after pest cleanouts for years. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this. Precision is crucial when it comes to this kind of service, and it takes trained professionals to execute the correct way. Businesses need to be sure they partner with a company that takes disinfection seriously. Terminix Commercial has been and will always be the partner they can trust to put their best interest first.

The service will help essential businesses maintain clean work areas while staying in compliance with federal, state, and local public health protocols and will help prepare shuttered businesses to reopen when the time comes.

Rutherford continued:

We want every business to come back from this pandemic stronger than before. One of the first steps in doing that is providing the assurance that these commercial spaces have been disinfected. Disinfectix provides an opportunity for us to open up to new ways we can help protect the businesses we serve.

To learn more about the new Disinfectix Site Disinfecting Service or other services from Terminix Commercial, visit the company’s website. Memphis, Tennessee-based Terminix provides customizable, effective pest management services to residential and commercial customers in 47 states and 18 countries.

ServiceMaster Brands fully mobilized to fight COVID-19

ServiceMaster Brands, a provider of essential cleaning and disinfecting services to homes and businesses, and a business unit of ServiceMaster Global Holdings, announced it is fully mobilizing its resources to support the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aster Angagaw, president of ServiceMaster Brands, stated:

As one of the largest and most experienced cleaning and disinfection service providers in the world, we are certified and trained for moments such as this. We are uniquely positioned, through our ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids businesses to provide disinfection services with up-to-date protocols and standards in alignment with CDC, EPA and OSHA guidelines.

Disinfection and cleaning services are core ServiceMaster Brand capabilities, and the company says it has already performed thousands of COVID-19-related services across hundreds of healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and homes, that are directly related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

ServiceMaster Restore, ServiceMaster Clean, and Merry Maids franchisees are working to protect their customers, employees, and communities and help them adjust to the shifting landscape by focusing on customer safety and service needs (healthcare facilities, schools, businesses and homes), employee safety and resilience in communities.

For more details, see the company’s announcement.

ServiceMaster Brands provides cleaning, disinfection, restoration and related services in both the residential and commercial markets, operating through an extensive service network of providers in all 50 US states and 10 countries. Brands include ServiceMaster Restore (restoration and reconstruction), ServiceMaster Clean (commercial cleaning), Merry Maids (residential cleaning), AmeriSpec (home inspections) and Furniture Medic (cabinet and furniture repair).