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Watch the Hybrid Work / Space Management Summit on-demand

Learn best practices for hybrid workplaces and remote workforces in two education sessions from fnPrime

Flexibility is key these days, and facility managers are at the forefront for many organizations. Stakeholders want more flexibility when it comes to workplaces and workspaces, from hotel desks to collaborative workspaces. More teams — including facility management teams — are working remotely or hybrid which creates new opportunities, but also new challenges.

fnPrime Hybrid Work - Space Management 2023The Hybrid Work/Space Management Virtual Summit discussed best practices for hybrid workplaces and remote workforces.

Topics included:

  • Gaining insight into the latest flexible workplace design trends
  • The benefits and challenges of hybrid workplaces
  • Identifying best practices for space management and utilization
  • Exploring innovative tools to manage flexible workspaces and support remote workforces

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Session 1:
Earning The Commute: Engaging Employees through Facility Design

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, the way we work is constantly evolving. The rise of hybrid teams presents new challenges for organizations and managers alike. In this case study presentation, Jennifer Treter and Stephen Wells of Hendrick, an Atlanta-based architecture and design firm, and Amy Hill of Workflow will explore the importance of creating a workplace that engages and motivates employees to come together via case study of the Novelis headquarters, a global leader in aluminum.

Collaborating closely with Novelis, Hendrick and Workflow developed a concept that promoted teamwork while adhering to Novelis’ sustainability objectives. The design incorporated natural wood, glass, and innovative daylighting techniques, introducing private meeting rooms and quiet zones for focused work. Communal areas, such as work cafés, were integrated to encourage employee interaction, with health, wellness, and safety as key considerations in the design.



Session 2:
The New Office Era: Leveraging Workplace Metrics for Effective Space Management

As hybrid work becomes the norm, tenants and employees are seeking flexible, effective workspaces that create a sense of community and sustains company culture. Metrics are critical data that can be leveraged for effective space planning in facility management’s efforts to create a workplace integral to company culture. The session highlights the importance of holistic data collection and analysis and explores a variety of work environments that adapt to the changing needs of the modern workplace.

Stephanie Wood, facilities planner for Stantec, will discuss the significance of data when space planning, and how a holistic view of a company, its staff and its work environment can optimize culture, well-being and productivity.