Work Better. Save the Planet: A guide for building employee engagement through workplace change

by Brianna Crandall — April 11, 2022 — Lisa Whited, respected expert on change management in the workplace, has just announced the launch of her first book, Work Better. Save the Planet. The publication, available for softcover purchase and digital download, leverages Whited’s decades-long experience as a strategic consultant to provide business leaders with a guide for building employee engagement through workplace change, with the goal of using resources wisely to positively impact climate change.

Lisa Whited Work Better. Save The Planet The EarthWhited stated:

We are at a critical point in the evolution of work and the workplace. Offices play a crucial role in climate change — 39% of carbon emissions are due to the embedded and operational carbon of commercial buildings; 23% of carbon emissions can be attributed to transportation. How much office space we occupy, and how often we travel (on roads and in the air), contribute to global warming. Because of the pandemic, which gave the majority of office workers insights into alternative ways of working, NOW is the time for change.

The book covers seven important principles to drive transformation in the workplace: Purpose, Language, Less, Ask, Net Zero, Equity, and Time (PLLANET). The seven PLLANET tenets can bring about positive workplace change and inspire innovation, engage employees, create authentic connections, and build community at work — all while using less space, which not only saves money, but gives businesses an opportunity to make a dent in neutralizing climate change, says Whited.

Chris Hood, co-founder of IFMA and CoreNet workplace communities and global workplace pioneer, commented:

Simply put, this is the richest and most diverse set of advice and guidance I have ever seen in a workplace book. Lisa has skillfully pulled together her own experience as a leading workplace strategist, along with mountains of data from numerous sources, to develop and propose a vision of the future which gives us the call for action and a path to follow. This is an absolute must to read for anyone wanting to attack global warming, business effectiveness or employee engagement through the lens of “how we go to work.”

By using the processes and seven case studies in Whited’s book, executives can impact Gallup’s statistic of 87% of people being disengaged in the workplace. Work Better. Save the Planet (available to purchase from Amazon) empowers business leaders to reimagine work, reignite employees, and recalibrate the workplace so the future is brighter and planet cleaner.

Lisa Whited said she believes in the art of possibility and has a passion for improving processes and workplaces. With a holistic outlook on work — it has a ripple effect on our communities, society, and the world — Whited is a change management strategist who is driven to make a dent in the abysmal Gallup statistic that 87% of people worldwide are disengaged at work.

Whited has an MS in Organization and Management from Antioch University and holds certifications in mediation, facilitation, and interior design. She has spoken at numerous conferences regarding the future of work and consults with companies large and small, local, and global. Her recent engagements have been helping leaders figure out what the future of work will look like in a post-Covid-19 world.

Whited is founder and chief transformation officer of Workplace Transformation Facilitation based in Portland, Maine, and serves as a senior associate to UK-based Advanced Workplace Associates. Lisa’s first book, Work Better. Save the Planet is a guide for building employee engagement through workplace change, with the goal of using resources wisely to positively impact climate change.