Wooster Products offers resources for code-compliant non-slip stair treads and emergency egress systems

Posted by Janet Stroud — June 13, 2023 — Wooster Products, an industry leader in anti-slip safety stair treads and walkway products, recently unveiled a new website. This helpful resource for architects, specifiers, and others provides a fast and easy way to find information on code-compliant non-slip stair treads and nosings, emergency egress systems, and more.  The company’s new online presence contains information on their products for new construction and renovation projects in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate format.

Cast aluminum nosings. Image courtesy of Wooster Products.

On the new website, users can quickly learn about NITEGLOW glow-in-the-dark products, said to be the only anti-slip products with photoluminescent properties in the grit for long-lasting safety. Two-part replaceable nosings, which feature a wooden slat that is replaced with the non-slip sections just before the building is turned over — thus providing unrivaled aesthetics and durability — are also prominently featured.

Alumogrit cast nosings for long-lasting anti-slip protection and Stairmaster treads and nosings for new construction and renovation projects are also detailed, as are Flex-Tred anti-slip tape in rolls or die-cut for OEM applications.

Sales and Marketing Manager Tim Brennan explained:

We designed the site to be a resource for architects, so they can quickly find the detailed specifications for the buildings they are designing. Whether looking for Emergency Egress systems for building over 7 stories tall, nosings for transit stations, arenas, or stadiums, or cast products for public projects, it is easy to find the code-compliant non-slip products desired.

Wooster Products has been manufacturing anti-slip products for new construction, renovation, and OEM applications since 1921 from its Wooster, Ohio, facility.  Long respected for quality and innovation, their products include cast iron (Ferrogrit), cast aluminum (Alumogrit), extruded aluminum (Spectra, Supergrit, Stairmaster, and Flexmaster), pressure-sensitive adhesive tape (Flex-Tred), and coatings (WP-70, Walk-A-Sured, and Safe-Stride), as well as photoluminescent (glow-in-the-dark) nosings and treads (NITEGLOW).

For additional information, visit the new Wooster website.