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Our proactive environmental strategy helps build an agile, responsive, human-centered company

Sustainable development provides the opportunity to achieve significant
results in three key areas—the environment, society and business. To that
end we have implemented continuous improvement metrics that reinforce our
programs and their results.

Embracing sustainability began by establishing our Green Works team and environmental charter

Our first Green Works team comprised people from across the organization
and was initially guided by a steering committee which reported weekly
progress to the team’s executive sponsor—the President/CEO. Over the next
three years our team has multiplied and now affects everything at Teknion.
We help keep Teknion on track to move beyond a linear take, make, waste
process to the closed-loop principles of borrow, use, return.

We’re the industry’s first to receive GREENGUARD Certification for indoor air quality

Certification was an important achievement for Teknion. By providing
quantified, third party testing results, GREENGUARD offers our customers the
assurance that Teknion furniture will positively affect indoor air quality.

We’re also first for ISO 4001 certified manufacturing facilities and administrative offices

A visible benefit of Certification is the significant awareness and
savings generated through attention to waste reduction in all its forms. Our
Teams measure progress, chart improvements and implement corrective action
when necessary.

Our product portfolio and information systems support the LEED certification program

Many of the credit categories within LEED rely on programs and standards
in which Teknion invests, such as GREENGUARD Certification. LEED promotes a
more integrated design process—encouraging partnerships between owners,
designers, contractors and vendors—to achieve a green built environment.

We are shaping more sustainable patterns of production and consumption of resources

We see this initiative as one of many opportunities to focus our
organization on a triple bottom line that benefits the company, the
environment and society. Independent research suggests 80% of a product’s
environmental impact is determined at the initial design phase.

The FSC process verifies our wood source as a responsibily managed forest

Certified natural wood veneers, medium-density fiberboard and particlecore
are available on our news casegoods product, and will soon be available
across our product portfolio. Certified wood is a credit area under the
Materials and Resources section of LEED, which recognizes FSC as the
required standard.