FMLink Newsletter — Energy Management — January 16, 2020

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This newsletter covers energy management news from December 5, 2019 through January 15, 2020.


12 strategies to boost energy efficiency and the transition to renewables (Surveys and Trends)

Learn how these companies are using green leases to save money, operate more efficiently, and adopt renewable energy more easily (Products and Services » Publications)

Find out the minimum energy-efficiency requirements for data centers here (Products and Services » Publications)

This online tool will show you how much propane forklifts could save over electric ones (Products and Services » Publications)


See how this distributed power and control system can connect even the smallest luminaires (Lighting » Products and Services)

See how solar plus an energy retrofit will help this county get near net-zero energy — at no cost to taxpayers (Contract Awards)

Will new green laws for buildings in New York, Pittsburgh and San Francisco be coming to your city soon? (Regulations and Government)

Pavegen's energy-harvesting walkway for Globalworth

Ever thought you could harvest energy from people walking? That’s what this innovative walkway is doing for an office in Bucharest (Contract Awards)

Look for this wireless IoT network module to make your building automation platform more secure and robust (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you have variable speed chiller plants, this plant control system can reduce energy by up to 45% (Products and Services » Software & Technology)