FMLink Newsletter — Maintenance and Operations — March 4, 2020

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This newsletter covers operations and maintenance news from January 30 through March 4, 2020.


Take a look at the latest guidance on using disinfectants to prevent the spread of coronavirus (Products and Services » Publications)

Facing the next pandemic (Magazines » ISSA Today)
As the coronavirus spreads, microbial warriors need to prepare and be ready to gear up and attack

Coronavirus — tips for preparation, biohazard cleaning, protective equipment and risk assessment, from ISSA (Products and Services » Publications)

BOMA’s Coronavirus Quick Guide for FMs will help you prepare building occupants for a potential outbreak (Products and Services » Publications)

Energy management opportunities for heating systems (How To » BOMI International)

Retaining the library (Magazines » FMJ)
Extracting building intelligence from the FM before the FM retires

If you want to find quality outsourced services, check out IAOP’s GO100 list for 2020 (Developments » Industry Awards)

What do security professionals say are their Top 3 challenges? (Surveys and Trends)

As concern about getting the flu hits an all-time high, clean restrooms can help, finds Bradley (Surveys and Trends)

See what having more accessible data can mean to help the FM score points with management, not to mention run the building more efficiently (Surveys and Trends)

Benchmarking your energy footprint (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

Orkin reveals Top 50 Bed Bug Cities — Washington, DC overtakes Baltimore for #1 (Surveys and Trends)

If you’re a health-care FM concerned about the emerging fungus C. auris, here are the first products EPA says can help fight it (Developments » Safety and Health)

Navigating paper towel and tissue sustainability (Magazines » ISSA Today)
Using paper products responsibly is everyone’s job


Boon Edam's Tourlock 180 high-security revolving doors

Learn how security entrances can help you comply with NERC, PCI, FDA and other regulations (Products and Services » Publications)

See how this mobile maintenance app can help you keep building operations running smoothly (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

If you have or need an immersion-cooled data center, see how this collaboration will get you faster response times and more uptime (Products and Services » Services)

Need a roof assessment? Check out this software that analyzes drone imagery to ID roof repairs and take measurements (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Whether your concrete is cracked, spalled or pitted, QUIKRETE’s new products can repair concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of replacing them (Building Products » Products and Services)

To improve security and reduce liability in public areas, check out this turnkey emergency call box (Products and Services » Security)

Need to resurface porcelain, metal, wood or acrylic? Hawk’s new paint stripper reduces health risks (Building Products » Products and Services)

If you need to keep high-traffic areas safer and disinfected, check out the PURELL VF PLUS Hand Sanitizer (Products and Services » Restroom Equipment and Supplies)

Prevent camera tampering in your facilities — get real-time notification with this new analytic (Products and Services » Security)

Whether you have a leak or need a whole new roof, see how these new acrylic and silicone coatings can help (Building Products » Products and Services)

Need to tighten your access control? Bosch’s new system promises to be easy to set up and use — and expandable up to 10,000 doors (Products and Services » Security)

If you need biometric access control, this major software upgrade is said to be 6X faster and more responsive (Products and Services » Security)