FMLink Newsletter — Software — January 9, 2020

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This newsletter covers software and technology news from November 28, 2019 through January 8, 2020.


Justifying your operating budget (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)

Benchmarking for outsourcers and their outsourcing clients (Benchmarking » FM BENCHMARKING)
Whether you are an outsourcer or the FM client, there are benefits for you from benchmarking

The City of Pittsburgh modernizes its waste collection process while combating climate change (Case Studies » Victor Stanley)
Victor Stanley Relay optimizes public works resources with smart city waste control using real-time actionable data from the streets

Cybersecurity and AI lead the Top 10 security megatrends for 2020; find out the rest (Surveys and Trends)

3 trends set to shape the professional cleaning and hygiene industry (Surveys and Trends)


Micron 1TB microSD card for edge security video storage

No more need for security video recorders — Micron now stores 3+ months of video right on your camera (Products and Services » Security)

If you need to reduce the threat of identity theft, see what this visitor management software does (Products and Services » Security)

See how you can schedule, standardize and automate data center operations and maintenance with this cloud-based CMMS (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Need weatherproof and vandal-proof mobile credential readers for outdoor use? These RFID readers should do the trick (Products and Services » Security)

See how improved searching and cybersecurity make Vivotek’s video management software more effective (Products and Services » Security)

See how this effective video management software has beefed up its privacy and cybersecurity features for today’s needs (Products and Services » Security)

Get a clear view of the condition of your HVAC systems with this new software tool (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

Look for this wireless IoT network module to make your building automation platform more secure and robust (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how these acquisitions help SKIDATA provide smart, user-friendly parking management technology to diverse facility types (Corporate and Organization » Developments)

Now you can teach this floor-care robot your own specific cleaning routine in seconds (Cleaning Equipment & Supplies » Products and Services)

See how this distributed power and control system can connect even the smallest luminaires (Lighting » Products and Services)

See how this smart desk reservation system can help you meet the needs of an agile workforce (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

To reduce setup and management time for your smart building, check out this multipurpose controller for wireless sensors (Products and Services » Software & Technology)

See how this camera registry enables fast, easy and secure video sharing with the authorities after an incident (Products and Services » Security)