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See how the setting impacts the design and type of evaporator used

Ensuring building systems keep running smoothly and efficiently is one of the primary tasks of facilities managers as they work to provide a safe, comfortable, efficient and sustainable environment to support building occupants and their company’s mission.

This topic channel pulls together building systems news, products and resources from a variety of organizations, companies and government agencies to support facility managers in this critical area.

Whether routine maintenance and repairs are accomplished in-house or outsourced, facilities managers need to understand interior and exterior building systems, maintenance practices and personnel management to do their jobs effectively. For the latest news in building systems, tune in to this topic channel.

Today’s corporate, education and healthcare campuses often combine mechanical systems ranging from steam heat controlled by an old on-off valve to integrated state-of-the-art smart building systems. Modern building systems are managed through a complex assortment of sensors, controllers, software and communications protocols. Modern building control systems handle complicated equipment and tasks, and provide energy reporting and performance diagnostics.

From building commissioning after a construction project to condition assessment to determine replacement or repair of all types of equipment, FMLink covers the gamut of best practices and products and technology for effective building systems management.

Check FMLink’s Building Systems channel often for news and resources covering the building envelope, including roofing, walls, windows and doors; cable management and wiring issues; electronic communications and audiovisual (AV) equipment; emergency power and lighting; energy management; fire protection; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems and indoor air quality (IAQ); Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building components; lighting and lighting controls; renewable energy; security systems and access management; sound masking; and water supply / plumbing.