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Facilities managers know that each type of building presents its own challenges and can benefit from specialized equipment, systems, furnishings and technology as well as targeted best practices to reach its operational potential and provide a safe and comfortable environment for occupants. That’s why FM link is here to provide facility management articles for buildings such as hospitals, schools and offices!

FMLink’s “Building Types” topic channel provides news, tips and resources related to the design, construction, management, maintenance and renovation of buildings such as offices, schools, and hospitals.

Whether you need guidance on maintaining building systems, cleaning for Covid, optimizing today’s hybrid workplace, or choosing the best facility management software for your type of facilities, FMLink is the place to find it. Information found here enables building managers to compare building metrics and operational practices to those of similar facilities and make improvements.

Facility managers can keep an eye on FMLink’s Building Types channel for practical guidance and tailored solutions and best practices for effective building management. Find tips to help cut operating costs, increase energy and water efficiency, improve safety and security, reduce carbon emissions, boost sustainability, and manage smart, high-performance buildings.

The channel covers conference, event and training facilities; data centers; education facilities, including K–12 schools but focusing on colleges and universities; hospitals, medical office buildings and other healthcare facilities; hotels and hospitality facilities; laboratories; manufacturing and industrial plants; museums, libraries and cultural centers; office buildings; religious/worship facilities; residential buildings; restaurants, commercial foodservice and cafeterias/breakrooms; retail stores; special government and public facilities such as embassies and military bases; sports and recreation facilities and stadiums; and warehouses / distribution centers.