FMLink Newsletter — June 28, 2021


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ASHRAE Standard 62.1 User’s ManualFMs had to quickly implement new health and safety measures during the pandemic. How many will they continue? (Surveys and Trends)

ASHRAE’s new user’s manual explains how to comply with the latest HVAC standards (Publications)

ULI report: Floodplain buyouts increasingly needed for cities

4 New York colleges win $5 million to help combat climate change

What FMs want in 2021 — FMs around the world identify skills and training needed to move businesses forward (Surveys and Trends)


Happening this week

Jun 28 – Jun 30 : ASHRAE 2021 Annual Conference [VIRTUAL]

Jun 28 – Jun 29 : Ideaction — National FM Conference & Exhibition [POSTPONED]

Jun 28 – Jun 30 : International Restoration Convention and Industry Expo 2021

Jun 28 – Jun 29 : USGBC Green Schools Conference [VIRTUAL]

Jun 29 : Facility Management, Technology & the Future of Work [Virtual Roundtable]

Jun 30 – Jul 2 : International Facility Management Expo (iFaME 2021) International Facility Management Conference (IFMC 2020) [VIRTUAL]

Posted this week

Aug 9 – Aug 11 : Connex2021 (multi-site FM)

Nov 10 – Nov 12 : NFMT Remix; ConnexionFM | Orlando [HYBRID]

Mar 29 – Mar 31, 2022 : National Facilities Management and Technology Conference and Expo (NFMT 2022)


New website for StaCool cooling vests

Finding the right cooling vest to keep security, maintenance or industrial workers safe in hot areas is now easier (Products and Services » Safety and Health)

These acoustic room dividers and desk panels can help you carve out workspaces, reduce noise and direct foot traffic (Furniture & Furnishings » Products and Services)

Woolpert designs iconic replacement for Capers Hall at The Citadel (From The McMorrow Reports)